Nowadays we carry around with us more expensive items than ever before. The smartphone revolution has brought the world to our fingertips, putting in our pockets sophisticated and sleek portable devices.

Recent research has found that 78% of Australian high school students carry up to $1000 worth of items with them every day to school, including laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones and digital cameras.

This research, from a recent survey of 375 Australian parents, found that:

  • 73 of Australian teenagers carry a mobile phone;
  • 38 percent carry a laptop;
  • 27 percent carry a tablet computer;
  • 17 percent carry an MP3 Player; and
  • 5 percent carry a digital camera.

Additionally, over 80 percent of parents surveyed revealed their kids carry around these devices in their bags. A teenager’s backpack no longer only contains simple things like lunchboxes and notepads. The addition of expensive portable devices has made their bags a very attractive bounty for thieves.

It is important for these items to be insured. Mobile and portable items insurance insurance provides you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your valuables, without having to worry about breaking or losing them.

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