Most businesses rely on expensive electronic and machinery equipment. Imagine if you arrived at work and you were unable to use something you needed to run your business.

Maybe this could be a computer system, software, or various kinds of electrical or mechanical machinery. How would you cope? How would this affect your revenue? So much of what we do in our professional lives relies on the equipment we use.

Machinery and electronic insurance can help you address these issues, and be prepared at all times. It can offer money for reinstating or repairing damaged equipment, compensation for lack of income, and help get your business returning to normal as soon as possible.

Electronic equipment includes things such as:

  • Computer systems
  • Mechanical machinery
  • Electrical machinery
  • Software
  • Interconnecting cabling and piping
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Equipment that is connected to a computer

Examples of things that usually are not considered ‘electronic equipment’ include: motor vehicles, hand-held tools, portable electronics and domestic appliances.

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