We all hope not to experience the stress and shock of a motor vehicle accident, but it’s important to be aware of what needs to happen if it does occur.

It’s very likely that the driver of the other vehicle, like yourself, will be shocked or scared by the incident. You should always try to remain calm and polite.

On the scene of the accident

Whether you are involved a serious accident involving multiple vehicles, or somebody just bumped into you in a carpark, the first thing to do is check that all parties are safe and treat any injuries.

  • Pull over out of the way from other traffic, turn off your car, and switch on your hazard lights
  • Check other parties for injuries and if needed call for help on 000 (triple zero)
  • If there are no injuries and damage is minor, there won’t be a need to call for police
  • If your vehicle won’t start and it’s safe to do so, get assistance to push to the side of the road
  • If emergency services have been called, wait for them to arrive and do not leave the scene

Importantly, even though you may be very upset ensure you do not to admit responsibility.

Exchanging details with other drivers involved in the accident

At the scene of the accident collect and exchange:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Insurer details
  • Vehicle details including colour, make and model

Also, note these additional details:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Location of the incident
  • Summary of what has happened
  • Witness details and contact information
  • Photos of the crash site and damage to vehicles and/or property
  • On-site police officer details and report number

These additional details may be needed when it comes to making an insurance claim, or if any legal action is pursued.

Reporting your accident to the police

Rules for filing an accident report with police varies by state and circumstances of the accident, such as:

  • The estimated damage bill is over a certain amount
  • The owner of the property or vehicle damaged is not at the scene
  • Someone has been injured at the scene of the crash
  • Complicated circumstances due to location or severity of the crash

Be aware of the requirements for reporting in your state. Most states will allow you to lodge an accident report online.

When do you get your vehicle insurer involved?

If there has been damage to either yours or the other party’s vehicle, then you’ll need to lodge a claim with your insurer. You don’t have to wait to start the claims process, simply contact your insurer by phone.

If your motor vehicle insurance policy was arranged by us you can begin the claim process by filling in an online claim.

If you are looking to save money on your insurance, please apply online or call us on 1300 787 789.