NSW and QLD floods

Severe storms have affected parts of NSW and SE QLD, causing damage to vehicles,
homes and businesses. 
Logan Insurance Brokers is here to assist our clients with any
claims related matters arising from the disaster.

First and foremost we hope that you are all safe and well and that your properties and businesses remain unaffected. The significant damage to public property – particularly vital utilities and roadways, is likely to slow down the recovery process adding to the impact of this disaster. 

What to do if you are impacted by the storms? As you can imagine, resources are going to be strained and accessing trades quickly may be difficult. If you are experiencing any damage from the storms do whatever you can to make safe (without compromising your own safety of course). Take photos and video of any damage and any entry points of water if you can see it. Notify us when you can – the earlier the better, but your claim will not be compromised if you can’t get to this for a few days.

If you require temporary accommodation please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can check to see if you have cover under your insurance policy.  Many insurers are establishing specialised assistance in this area and we can co-ordinate this with them.

The full scale of this disaster is not yet known, but we expect it to have far reaching effects on our clients. We are here to help alleviate any stress or uncertainty you may be experiencing.

Do not be put off by “flood” exclusions in your policies. In insurance terms, flood refers to “the covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or been released from the normal confines of any lake, or any river, creek or other natural watercourse”.  This means that if water is entering your building from overflowing sewage or drains, for instance, this is not “flooding” from an insurance perspective.
Even if your home or business is in the flood zones, there are other possible things that can trigger a claim.For instance, outages of bridges and road closures may trigger Prevention of Access claims for business interruption. Power outages may also be covered under some policies.

For those of you in flood affected areas, if you are experiencing or have experienced any water damage from storm water prior to the arrival of the floodwater, make sure you photo-document it as accurately as possible, it and send to us for assessment as this may be enough to trigger a claim.
In this regard, being able to show the damage occurred from the storm water prior to the flooding is vitally important in getting a claim paid.

Insurers have placed disaster response specialists on standby to move into affected communities and assist customers with claims as soon as it is safe to do so.  

Insurers have placed disaster response specialists on standby.

Please note these important points.

 1. Make safe (if safe to do so)
2. Photograph and video as much as you can.
3. Do not be put off by “flood” exclusions in your policies.
4. Minor damage – obtain your own trades if available and send us any quotes or invoices. You do not need to wait for approval for this however send us all documentation and lodge the claim as soon as possible. 
5. Major damage – notify us as soon as possible as insurer will likely appoint an assessor.

Contact us on 1300 787 789
or claims@loganinsurance.com.au

Mental Wheels Tour 2020

The Mental Wheels Tour was held on 19-21 November this year. A road bike ride that brings people together, taking action to directly improve mental well-being.

Over 3 days the Tour covered more than 380km including the NSW Southern Highlands, the famous Jenolan Caves and Bathurst’s iconic Mt Panorama.

Logans are proud to both compete in and support this initiative. Raising funds to support ground breaking research, deliver scholarship programs and Mental Wheel of Life Workshops.

We want you to understand our role and how we can support your business to choose the right insurance, save you money and disappointment when making claims. Andrew and Monique Logan


As confusion continues over the COVID-19 pandemic and what is covered,
Logans offer complimentary cover reviews for new and existing clients.

Logan Insurance | Client Stories


We have created short videos to introduce our client stories

Betta Home Living

On New Years eve 2020, Betta Home Living in Bateman’s Bay was totally destroyed by bush fire.
Adequate property insurance meant our clients could be swiftly compensated for the loss.


Bitton was founded in Alexandria, Sydney in 2000. Since then, David and wife Sohani have launched a product range of the same name, a small business consultancy, Bitton Consulting and a second café,
Bitton Oatley. A third café is opening in Rose Bay in Jan 2020.

Boob Loob
BOOB LOOB is one of our newest clients. Their product encourages women to perform breast checks that are easy and effortless. Boob Loob is designed for women to put their mind at ease without changing their daily routine. Proudly made in Australia and every bottle purchased online means $1 dollar donated to the McGrath Foundation.

At Logans we provide cover for businesses of all types.

While they are all different in their insurance needs, Betta Home Living, Bitton and Boob Loob
all have extensive cover placed through Logan Insurance Brokers. Cover for these clients includes Public Liability, Business Interruption, Transit, Product Liability,
Theft, Fire, Machinery Breakdown and Food Spoilage.

Our clients have saved $100’s a year by combining and customising their business cover.

Our business is to know your business. Logans will always provide options for the best available cover for your business. That way disappointment is avoided when it comes to making a claim.

 If you would like to see how Logans can help your business, please use the link below.

A good insurance broker will ask relevant questions and seek to keep up to date on your business needs. They will also keep up their education in new products and cover in the market, ensuring you have the broadest choices available to you.