It doesn’t matter how thoroughly you prepare your business. Every entrepreneur knows that accidents and unexpected occurrences are a fact of life, and despite best laid plans things inevitably go wrong from time to time.

A business insurance package is one of the best ways to insure your business against unwanted perils that cause financial loss.

The typical business insurance package may include protection against fire and storms, business interruption, theft of cash, burglary, accidental damage, burglary, public and products liability, breakdown and other classes of insurance.

In this blog post we thought we would highlight some of these things, going into a bit more detail about what they are and why they are valuable.

Public and products liability

Public and products liability concerns a duty of care to the general public. Businesses may be found legally liable for injury or damages; public and products liability protects against successful compensation claims.

Loss of Profit / Business Interruption

A business’ ability to generate income can be interrupted by any number of unforeseen events. Business interruption insurance covers a loss of income the business may suffer because of this.

Machinery & Electronic Breakdown Insurance

Most businesses have machinery and electronic items that can be costly to repair. These costs can be insured against.

Workers Compensation & Employer’s Liability Insurance

Sadly, workplace accidents happen and businesses are liable for their employee’s occupational injuries. Workers Compensation & Employer’s Liability Insurance picks up the cost of an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages, and protects the business against lawsuits.

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