In Australia, dog obesity is on the rise, likewise, suicide rates are skyrocketing. Walk4Paws wants to challenge you and your canine
friend to become fit, furry and fantastic!

The purpose of the Walk 4 Paws #MentalHealthMarch is to raise the funds to conduct vital research and develop programs that will have immediate impact to the state of the nations mental health.

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How does it work?
Walk your dog for 30 mins every day for 30 days. 
2. Post a pic or video and tag #Walk4Paws & #MentalHealthMarch each day. 
3. Nominate another dog owner to accept the challenge each day.
4. Help raise money for Mental Health research and programs.

How will it help you?
Improved Mental Health. 
2. Increased Cardio Vascular fitness.
3. Improved Sleep.

Logan Insurance Brokers proudly support this Mental Health Initiative
Monique Logan

How will it help your dog?
Improved mental health. Just like us, our dogs benefit from the mental stimulus of getting out for a walk. 
2. Weight management and increased joint health.
3. Digestive and Urinary Health benefits. A good walk will usually see your dog doing a number one and a number two!

The objectives of the challenge.
Seeking to raise awareness of mental health issues, to assist MindDog in the procurement and training of psychiatric assistance (therapy) dogs.  
Frequently these dogs are rescue dogs, giving them a new home and purpose.  
And finally to provide funds for Macquarie University Health Science Centre specifically for study in the area of mental health and the use of therapy dogs.

World Record attempt.
The highlight of the month will be a World Record attempt to gather the largest number of dogs in one photo – currently set at 710. This will take place on the 27th March 2022 with time and venue to be confirmed.  We would love any of our Sydney clients and more importantly their pooches to pencil this date in the diary.  Stay tuned for more details.

The purpose of the Walk 4 Paws #MentalHealthMarch is to raise the funds to conduct vital research and develop programs that will have immediate impact to the state of the nations mental health.

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We want you to understand our role and how we can support your business to choose the right insurance, save you money and disappointment when making claims. Andrew and Monique Logan


As confusion continues over the COVID-19 pandemic and what is covered,
Logans offer complimentary cover reviews for new and existing clients.

Logan Insurance | Client Stories


We have created short videos to introduce our client stories

Betta Home Living

On New Years eve 2020, Betta Home Living in Bateman’s Bay was totally destroyed by bush fire.
Adequate property insurance meant our clients could be swiftly compensated for the loss.


Bitton was founded in Alexandria, Sydney in 2000. Since then, David and wife Sohani have launched a product range of the same name, a small business consultancy, Bitton Consulting and a second café,
Bitton Oatley. A third café is opening in Rose Bay in Jan 2020.

Boob Loob
BOOB LOOB is one of our newest clients. Their product encourages women to perform breast checks that are easy and effortless. Boob Loob is designed for women to put their mind at ease without changing their daily routine. Proudly made in Australia and every bottle purchased online means $1 dollar donated to the McGrath Foundation.

At Logans we provide cover for businesses of all types.

While they are all different in their insurance needs, Betta Home Living, Bitton and Boob Loob
all have extensive cover placed through Logan Insurance Brokers. Cover for these clients includes Public Liability, Business Interruption, Transit, Product Liability,
Theft, Fire, Machinery Breakdown and Food Spoilage.

Our clients have saved $100’s a year by combining and customising their business cover.

Our business is to know your business. Logans will always provide options for the best available cover for your business. That way disappointment is avoided when it comes to making a claim.

 If you would like to see how Logans can help your business, please use the link below.

A good insurance broker will ask relevant questions and seek to keep up to date on your business needs. They will also keep up their education in new products and cover in the market, ensuring you have the broadest choices available to you.