Business owners and managers understand all too well that keeping a business safe, secure, profitable and protected from risk is anything but easy.

A single law suit or catastrophic event may be powerful enough to wipe out a small business, before it has even had a chance to get off the ground.

This is why business insurance is so important. Fortunately, businesses have access to insurance packages – such as our Business and Commercial Insurance – that cover many different areas and offer multiple kinds of protection.

We thought we’d take this moment to list (and explain) seven things our Business and Commercial Insurance package covers. For more visit this page.

1) Loss of Profit / Business Interruption

If your business’ activity is interrupted due to an unforeseen event such as property damage, this will ensure your income is compensated for.

2) Theft/Burglary

Theft and burglary insurance protects your business against damages and losses caused by unauthorised persons’ entry onto your property.

3) Money-Theft of Cash

Money insurance compensates your business for loss of money when it is stolen on, or off your business’ premises – so losing significant amounts of money doesn’t mean your business needs to come to a grinding halt.

4) Public & Products Liability/Property Owners liability

This insurance protects your business against successful compensation claims, which deem your business negligent.

5) Transit Insurance

Transit insurance covers your goods whilst they are traveling, and can be as broad as covering goods worldwide for all risks – or limited to within Australia.

6) Cyber Security Business Insurance

Traditional insurance policies may be inadequate to respond to the exposures organisations face today, thus the need to cover data security and privacy exposures.

7) Motor Fleet Insurance

If you have more than five vehicles than it is worthwhile taking out a fleet policy to ease the management of the insurance cover, also providing comprehensive or third party property damage cover.

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