Professional Insurance

Business owners, directors, officers and managers are commonly held liable for their conduct within an organisation. Unfortunately, as society becomes increasingly litigated, these types of claims are only going to become more common. Protect yourself and your business against these claims, which can be financially devastating.


Professional Indemnity Insurance
Provides protection against individuals who claim that they were disadvantaged by following your professional suggestions. Typical claims, which are covered by this insurance, include physical injury, damage to property or financial losses that have come as a direct result of following your professional advice.

Employment Practices Liability
This protects business owners against claims of inappropriate professional conduct lodged by their own employees. Typical claims that are covered by employment practices liability insurance include unfair dismissal, sexual harassment and discrimination. These types of claims are taken seriously and can result in substantial loss if you do not arm yourself and your business with insurance.

Director’s and Officer’s Liability
Insurance that protects company executives from a range of claims made by various stakeholders in a business. Typical claimants are employees, competitor businesses and shareholders. This insurance offers protection against a broad variety of grievances that may be brought against the directors and officers of a company.

Management Liability
This insurance is an extension of Directors and officer’s insurance, providing protection from claims made against your business itself. Management liability insurance ensures that neither the directors and officers of a business, nor their company are slapped with massive legal fees due to claims made against them. These types of claims are becoming increasingly common as society becomes more and more litigated. Don’t let these claims catch you or your business off guard.