Prawns vs Turkey: Pavlova vs Pudding: Prosecco vs Veuve*?
These of course are the big issues at Christmas.

Santa’s Policy Check List. He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna find out
who’s naughty or nice… But with all that planning, don’t forget to do a little insurance prep as well. Santa will be watching (and your friendly insurance broker will be pleased). 

Here are some hot tips for you this Christmas
(and some bonus New Year’s Resolutions).
We know you’ve heard them all before but it never
hurts to have a timely reminder.

1: Dodge the Christmas Tree Inferno.   

  • Do not be tempted to piggy back your old lights off dilapidated power boards. 
  • One item per power socket
  • Beware of missing bulbs, check for overheating and do not have lights leaning up against presents 
  • Be extra careful if you choose to leave the lights on when you are way from home. 
  • If there’s enough daily sunlight nearby, use solar lights
NY Resolution – get your electrician in to check your switch board and safety switches for 2024

2: Not all Christmas Charges are Reasonable.  

  • If you plan on giving EBikes or Scooters only use Australian regulation batteries and do not charge unsupervised or anywhere near flammable goods
  • There is a growing problem with exploding lithium batteries so this needs to be taken seriously

3: Tis the Season of Giving. 

  • If you plan on showering jewellery and expensive electronics on your loved ones, make sure you have adequate insurance!

NY Resolution – review your sums insured for 2024.
Make sure your contents insurance is adequate and remember insurance policies are generally replacement value

4: Travel Insurance.

  • Don’t leave home without it.  
  • And if you plan on heli-skiing off Chugach Mountains make sure you get a policy that covers sports
  • Likewise for the equally dangerous option (according to insurance) of cruising around the Caribbean
NY Resolution – planning on doing a lot of travel in the coming year? Consider an annual travel policy. If you have a business, look for a business policy with leisure options as an add on

5: Christmas Away from Home

  • Set up lights on timers. You don’t need Alexa or Siri to do this – good old-fashioned timers on a few lamps will do the trick  
  • Maybe don’t light up the Christmas Tree unless you are sure of the state of your lights (Refer to Point 1)
  • Hide valuables and keep important documents and photos sealed from moisture 
  • Ensure all your important documents and particularly photographs are backed up
  • If using an external hard drive for back-ups, keep the hard drive somewhere else e.g. at your place of work  
NY Resolution – set up a security camera system. These are relatively inexpensive and can be controlled from your Smartphone
– Consider installing a small safe. This ideally needs to be bolted to a floor or wall to prevent would-be thieves from carting it off
– Having a back-up of your important documents and photos is a must. For the extra cautious amongst us consider a Plan B and have two independent back-ups (cloud or physical)

6: Battling the Elements

  • Battling the Elements – We know you can’t stop flood water rising or a bush fire bomb, but you can help secure your property against potential damage 
  • Get up a ladder (check your health insurance first) to clean the gutters; make sure windows seals are tight; keep vegetation trimmed well clear of your property
  • Make sure outdoor furniture is secured
NY Resolution – engage a roofing expert to inspect your roof and guttering. Ask them to check the flashings, a common point of failure during storms
– Have an arborist remove vulnerable branches  
– Engage a builder to inspect your door and window seals and latches particularly if you have trouble closing them or you notice them aging

    If any of this fails (aside from the Pavlova) we can be reached in the usual ways over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

     Our office is closed from the 22nd December to the 2nd January, however we have staff on standby for any pressing insurance or claims needs. We can be reached on 1300 787 789. In the meantime we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and look forward to assisting you in the New Year.

    *It is Veuve. It is always Veuve.  

    We want you to understand our role and how we can support your business to choose the right insurance, save you money and disappointment when making claims.


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