Andrew Logan’s other passion is cycling

Most people in the world are affected by mental health at some point in time, whether it’s personally or a member of their family or friendship group. It’s something that is very close to our hearts. Monique Logan

Andrew and Monique integrate this passion into community service. Andrew devotes hours of free time to encourage young people to get involved in cycling and as part of this, Logan Insurance Brokers is a major sponsor of the Randwick Botany Cycling Club Race Series.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month product launch by Boob Loob

Each month we feature a business profile from one of our clients. It’s a small way to increase exposure and maybe assist in the all-important bottom line for business.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was 28 years old. Know your breasts, know their ’normal’, and stay on top of breast health. Jo Niall, Breast Cancer Warrior

BOOB LOOB is one of our newest clients. Their product encourages women to perform breast checks that are easy and effortless. Boob Loob is designed for women to put their mind at ease without changing their daily routine. Proudly made in Australia and every bottle purchased online means $1 dollar donated to the McGrath Foundation.

Any business launching new products have just as much risk exposure as established products out in the market place – and very probably more.

As an absolute minimum, public and product liability insurance is vital as you get your new product launched. And to ensure you have the right cover, you need to know that the insurance you have is appropriate for the business activity that you are in. An incorrect business description when placing cover could mean that in the event of a claim, cover is denied by the insurer.

Other considerations are insurance for your stock such as fire and perils and theft, transit insurance if you are shipping, and once you have an income stream, we would also strongly advise business interruption insurance.

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A good insurance broker will ask relevant questions and seek to keep up to date on your business needs. They will also keep up their education in new products and cover in the market, ensuring you have the broadest choices available to you.