GROUP SCHEMES = Benefits for All Members
At Logans, we have been working with Group Schemes for many decades, including being the inaugural broker for KFC (then Kentucky Fried Chicken) in the 1970s. Since then we have worked on many iconic franchise brands and have built up a reputation for Group Schemes that sees massive benefit to both Head Offices and the members of the group.

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Typical Group Scheme graph

Group Cover But Individual Service: Cost savings are important, but you also need to know that your business is getting the cover that it needs. We make sure that each franchisee receives appropriate advice and service.

Our dedicated franchise brokers will consult with you, and assess your insurance requirements to make sure you do not have too much, or too little cover.

This fine balance requires a skill in


broking for which we are renowned. Whether you are a member of a franchise, or a Head Office, we can help you.

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