Events & Entertainment Insurance

Event organisers are presented with a daunting range of risks. Inadequately protected events will have the potential to destroy their business. While similar risks are common to many businesses, the unique nature of entertainment risk requires an experienced approach to their insurance.


Property Insurance
Venues belonging to third parties are frequently used by event organisers. Organisers may be liable to the owners for damage to furniture, fabric or fixtures and fittings. While exposure is often brief, just for the duration of each event, Logan Insurance Brokers offer a flexible approach to insuring episodic risks.

Public Liability Insurance
Guests and/or audience members who suffer loss or injury at an organised event may have a claim. An insurance broker who understands the event industry can provide a way to protect against Public Liability without it costing the earth.

Employment Practices Insurance
Employee liability in the events industry is often highly episodic. A large number of casual employees and few permanent employees is often the norm. Logan Insurance Brokers can help with arrangements that complement this type of flexibility.

Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance
Sickness or injury to an artist or performer, extreme weather, an unprepared or inaccessible venue. There are many factors outside an event organiser’s control that can cause an event’s cancellation. Logan Insurance Brokers can protect you against these risks for your event.