Owning a business is one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences. Every entrepreneur knows that to make a business work, they need to put their blood, sweat and tears into it…which is why it is so devastating when something goes wrong. Even the most careful business owner needs insurance because accidents happen!

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Business Insurance Package: A Business Insurance package policy is one of the best (and most economical) ways to insure your business against various perils that can cause financial loss to your business. The typical business insurance package may include sections that cover your property against fire and perils, business interruption, accidental damage, burglary, theft of cash, public and products liability, breakdown and other classes of insurance.

Property Owners: Residential and commercial property owners can insure against damage to the property. It can include a residential landlord’s policy, commercial business insurance policy and Industrial Special Risk insurance. Property owners public liability cover is also necessary along with rent loss.

Fire and Perils: Natural disasters in the past have left many businesses in complete and utter ruin. You can’t control Mother Nature, but you can protect your business from her fury. Fire and perils insurance protects your property against fires, storms and other natural disasters, which can hurt or even destroy your business.

Loss of Profit / Business Interruption: If your business’ activity is interrupted due to an unforeseen event such as property damage, this will ensure that your income is compensated for. If something goes wrong and the livelihood of your business is at risk, you want to know that your insurance has you covered. We offer a comprehensive range of business insurance products, and can advise you on what you need to protect you and your business.

Industrial Special Risks: This policy is a combination of fire and perils insurance and business interruption insurance. It is taken up when a business is too big for a business insurance policy and includes many of the business insurance policy sections.

Theft/Burglary: In the perfect world, we would be able to leave our doors unlocked at night and our property unguarded. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the perfect world, making theft and burglary a significant threat to businesses. Theft and burglary insurance protects your business against damages and losses caused by unauthorised persons’ entry onto your property.

Money-Theft of Cash: Sometimes money goes missing. This could be due to criminal activity by unknown persons or employees. Money insurance compensates your business for the loss of money when it is stolen on, or off your business’ premises. With money insurance, losing significant amounts of money doesn’t mean that your business needs to come to a grinding halt.

Public & Products Liability/Property Owners liability: Your business has certain responsibilities to the general public regarding its products, services and general conduct. Public and products liability insurance protects your business against successful compensation claims, which deem your business negligent.

Machinery & Electronic Breakdown Insurance: Most businesses and property owners have machinery and electronic items which if broken, can be extremely costly to repair. These costs can be insured against with machinery and electronic breakdown insurance. Businesses may also opt for a policy which provides compensation when machinery breakdown causes loss of income

Farm Insurance: Specifically tailored to the needs of businesses which depend on farming and grazing. It is designed to ensure that rural farms are completely protected from specific threats which may jeopardise the productivity of their business. Farming equipment can be hugely expensive! Don’t let your livelihood be destroyed by damage to your farm and farming equipment. Farm insurance protects your business against damage to your property and your property’s contents.

A farm insurance policy includes many sections that are listed above. Book a complimentary insurance assessment to discuss your needs, call 1300 787 789.

Transit Insurance: Goods traveling between locations are often left unprotected as they are not covered by other insurance policies. Transit insurance covers your goods whilst they are traveling and can be as broad as covering goods worldwide for all risks or limited to within Australia.

Workers Compensation & Employer’s liability insurance: Protects business owners from claims made against them as a result of workplace accident resulting in injury to employees. Typical claims covered by this insurance include unable to work due to disease, injury or fatality, which are suffered as a direct result of your business’ negligence.

Motor Fleet Insurance: If you have more than 5 vehicles than it is worthwhile taking out a fleet policy which can ease the management of the insurance cover. Fleet policies may have automatic cover for newly acquired vehicles and can also provide comprehensive or third party Property damage cover.

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