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Is buying insurance cover online for business a good idea?

Should you use an Insurance Broker for your business? In this day of online living, purchases for all kinds of goods and services are just a click away and it may seem tempting to seek out your own insurances for your business or personal needs.  But this does not necessarily result in cheaper or better insurance cover. Insurance brokers are professional advisors who are trained in both insurance and risk management. At their core, they work for you – the client – and not for the insurance companies. A good insurance broker will ask relevant questions and seek to keep up to date on your business needs. They will also keep up their education in new products and cover in the market, ensuring you have the broadest choices available to you. When you purchase an insurance policy, you are essentially entering into a contract with the insurance company. Whilst the concept of utmost good faith is of paramount importance to the contract, it is probably true that the average purchaser of insurance will not have the level of knowledge of the contract terms that a skilled professional such as an insurance broker will have.   Traps in Business Insurance cover. There are many traps that an inexperienced person can fall into– particularly for a business, however, this can apply to all kinds of insurance policies, including home and motor. Two areas that can cause major complications, and ultimately financial hardship in the event of a claim, are underinsurance and gaps in insurance. The ramifications of underinsurance are often poorly understood but in broad terms, an insurer will penalise a...