About Logan Insurance Brokers

We take great care in understanding our clients’ businesses and working with them to develop insurances that suit their risk profile and protect their assets. We also pride ourselves in supporting clients who have difficult claims. Our team of highly skilled professionals is firmly committed to elevating the level and quality of insurance broking, thereby maintaining our reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted and innovative insurance firms.


Logan Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd originated in 1967 when Bob Logan began R G Logan Pty Ltd – General Insurance Brokers, a foundation member of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA). Since that time the company has undergone substantial changes and is now owned by directors who have been collectively arranging insurance and negotiating claim payments for a wide range of clients for over 40 years. RG Logan Pty Ltd obtained its Australian Financial Services License in January 2003. This has resulted in establishing Logan Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, which will take over RGL clients and become the Insurance Brokering and Risk Management Company.

Our Experience
We have provided quality services to a wide variety of companies, ranging from the very small to the very large – some with up to 10,000 employees and $500 million in asset value. Our clients predominately look for hands-on experience, easy contact, support in difficult situations, an understanding of the risks they face and the most efficient way to manage those risks.

The Role of an Insurance Broker
An insurance broker has a duty to act in the best interests of their client. We take this further by providing sound practical advice, which is not influenced by any specific insurance company. When arranging insurance, it is easy to take short cuts and look for the cheapest without considering policy wordings, insurance company’s financial stability and their claims paying history. Most people don’t realise that often, a wider policy does not cost any extra. Also continually changing brokers or insurers due to price can result in unsatisfactory servicing and claims settlement. For the best result, you need to allow time for a professional broker to develop and understand your tolerances to risk.

A professional insurance broker deals with many companies and has access to many different types of policy wordings. Their primary responsibilities include acting for their clients and helping them to decide what risks to insure, what types of cover are best and how much it should cost. Professional insurance brokers are also able to suggest other ways that risks can be transferred such as self-insuring and establishing other non-traditional insurance products.

Our Mission Statement
We are committed to providing fair, honest and professional insurance advice for our clients. In doing so we are also dedicated to setting standards, which reflect these qualities for the greater benefit of our clients.