Looking forward to a summer holiday? Before you head off, take a few simple steps to deter thieves from seeing your home as any easy target.

Before you leave, secure your house

It seems like common sense, but remember to ensure your house is secure before you leave – doors are locked with a dead-bolt, and windows are shut and locked.  Don’t forget to lock your garage and sheds.

Get trusted friends or neighbours to keep an eye out

While you’re away, ask your friends and neighbours to keep an eye on your house. Get them to collect the mail, water the plants, and make it less obvious that no one is home. Ask neighbours to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.  

Don’t let the world know you’re away on social media

Unless your social media accounts are very private, consider waiting until you’re home to post holiday photos and updates.

Don’t hide keys

Thieves can spot hidden keys, and despite how creative you might be in your hiding, a thief can be more creative when looking to break in!  Also make sure any garage door openers are not accessible from outside (for example, don’t leave them in a car parked in the driveway).

Lights and timers

Set some exterior and interior lights on timers so that your house looks lived in. Consider putting a timer on a radio so that there is occasional noise coming from your home. Disconnect any electronics that you aren’t using to protect them in case of a power surge (and to save your energy bills!)

Hide small valuables and car keys

Don’t leave jewellery, phones or car keys in obvious places. Consider hiding them somewhere out-of-sight to make them harder to find if thieves do break in.

Make sure you’re covered

Make sure your home and contents insurance policy is up-to-date, and you have a detailed record of your valuables (tip: take photos, and store them in the cloud) and insurance information in case you need to make a claim.

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