1. Knowledge – Advisers have qualified knowledge of which insurer and their products are best suited to each individual and business.

2. Convenience and ease … And where possible advisers will save you money.

3. Coverage that suits you – Advisers know what types of cover are most important to you and your company given your life stage and circumstances.

4. Save you time – Qualified advisers save you countless phone calls and time spent comparing insurers, processing paperwork and providing ongoing updates.

5. Niche independent advice – Advisers help businesses add value by understanding the insurance needs of a specific target market.

6. Claims expertise – Advisers provide advice on how to best handle your claim and assist you in the process.

7. Experience – Expert knowledge allows provision of advice on how to structure the ownership of policies to minimise insurance payable. Advisers are professionally trained to negotiate positive outcomes in transactions.

8. PEACE OF MIND THAT EVERYTHING IS COVERED – When arranging insurance, most people will under insure or take shortcuts without seeking proper advice, understanding the terminology or considering whether they are really getting value for money.

9. 1-on-1 time – Doing business with a local provider makes things simple and effective.

10. Speed – No waiting on hold for hours to speak to someone. You can call your adviser direct.